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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Final Major Project: Primary Research

My sister is Principal Planner in Strategic and Environmental Services at Arun District Council and she has forwarded me the details of Director Clare Devereux of Food Matters who are:
"A not-for-profit national food policy and advocacy organisation working to create sustainable and fair food systems. We work with communities, statutory agencies and businesses to raise awareness, support strategic change and encourage a sustainable approach to thinking about food" .
I am looking to approach her for an interview regarding allotment and self sufficiency etc. I have her contact details and she could be very keen to help out. I will contact her in due course... Another place I have been recommended to look is Neighbourhoods Green
"Neighbourhoods Green began in 2003 when Peabody Trust and Notting Hill Housing Group identified the need to raise the profile of the green and open spaces owned and managed by social landlords."
My plan is to take the contributors that have already expressed an interest in being in a film (see previous post) and incorporate the views of the above. * 3rdyears * Obviously this isnt set in stone for the FMP but I feel this could appeal to anyone interested in filming some real characters in our local area (Chatham - no long filming trips) it will appeal to people who are keen in cooking and self sufficiency (think Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall!). There could be a huge scope for some very interesting stories, shot and edited in some very cool ways and I have already confirmed or able to confirm all contributors so all this project needs is the green light! Let me know your thoughts!

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