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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Final Major Project: Primary Reseach

Sent an email to the Kent messenger today outlining that I am looking for subject matter/contributors for a potential documentary:
I am carrying out primary research for our final major project and I intend produce a short documentary focussed in on the Maidstone area. I wondered if you know of any stories or events I can follow up or any sources where I could obtain such information. The research stage is on-going with intention to shoot between September and November.
I also sent a similar email out to David Reilly, the press officer for UCA. Yesterday I also went to Street End Allotments.
Here I posted a note on the notice board here explaining Im looking to find people to be involved in a documentary. with 101 allotment owners there it seems a very interesting place! Watch this space.... The Film: Grown your Own

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