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Monday, 7 November 2011

Major Project: Shoot Day 1

Didnt quite go to plan on Saturday: We managed to shoot episode 3 due to not being able to do a costume fitting. But we managed to work around the issue successfully.

Today I uploaded the footage we got but it needs pick-ups which we will do on location in Acton in 2 weeks time. I also organised our costume dept. to go to Camden tomorow in order to be ready to shoot on location in a studio on Saturday. I have kept my cast and crew informed through 'Scenios' our production website.

I have also got in touch with Cats ever helpful and hugley talented Boyfriend, who is designing a film poster for our fake press junkett on Saturday.

Although we have around a month to go I am concerned about our performer not being able be present on all our shoots. But learning from previous shoots it is essential to be persuasive and ensure contributors are 100% available well in advance.

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