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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Work Placement: Frank Skinner

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9:30 Arrived at Maidstone studios

10:00 Met Geoff Miles and he took us on a tour of the set. He talked about working and excelling in the gallery, and working on intense live programming such as the Olivier Awards. Breifed on the task for the day:

11:00 - 6:00
Resize images (from Andy at Avalon) saving to Bitmap and loading to the server via Oxtel. Struggled with the new technology but Cat managed to master it early on so I turned to liasing with Andy and Alastair to ensure the images were spot on and were projected onto the monitors correctly (Frank was very particular on how the images look).
I produced a checklist for Me Cat and Andy to reference and through the monitors ensured we had the correct images to 'ingest' Via Scott, the EVS operator.

Note: There was no actual script just into and outro autocue. Frank uses his own stand up material through out the show.

Director runs through the show sitting on set, he takes the crew through shots via talkback. Perhaps Cat could do the same?

I was a runner at Ascent media where Director Paul was working for Have I got news for you. I dont know if he recognised me though!


  1. This is great experience - someone like Frank Skinner is obviously good with improv but anyone less experienced/confident will need guidance/script etc. Make sure you update your CVs and keep any good contacts for the future! Well done.