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Monday, 16 May 2011

AS live: Invites and cue cards

With the help of Dylan, on Wednesday we ran up to CAFT to have a final debrief before they move the set in finalising buzzers, pork pie trophy, lighting, beer pumps.

Spent the last few days organising audiences and contributors via doing invites and producing cue cards.

I've felt getting into the pubs and speaking to everyone face to face builds a rapport and will help on the day and at the same time leaving the landlord/landlady of each pub a list of potential audience members with my contact details.

Since doing rehearsals which I have found very useful, I have felt I am out the loop in terms of linking to the gallery, during the pre-prodcution I feel I should be helping more on scripts and running orders etc but don't want to interfere with the producer and director.

In terms of VTs im very proud of my editors, Cat & Steve on how the have sucsesfully syncronised the two pieces holding the MTV cribs style. one issue on my behalf was the sound on both pieces could be improved and as I discussed with Helen, do back up interview sync which could have gone over the action.

I have been liasing with Emma Norris and Reception re: Security and mananging audiences and equally contributors.

Over and out.

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