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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Was brainstorming ideas for The PUb Game VT and I came up with

'Pub Cribz'
Acts as an introduction for the teams and their respective pubs
Aiming to last between 0'60" and 3'00"
Going to have the look of a parody of MTV Cribs (Epic Movie's take on Cribs):

Working on an intro for VT


Pub Cribz barges through doors of the local boozer: blindly stumbling around the pub this week, we find out who's propping up the bar and who's designated driver

gaining no barred access to the nations best barrooms. This week's Pub Cribz takes us to Kent and The Fox in Maidstone.

> It will include fast cut edits/multiangle around the pub led by the team captain, introducing the teams and the locals, in that MTV Cribs-whataretheydoinghere-kind of way. juke box, games machines.

> have something rediculous Written on the chalk board

> There will be an introduction to the beer garden and its water features;

> outside we see the "supercars stashed in the garage", basically, "my Mum's mondeo"

> Could include the famous look into celebrities fridges, perhaps a carton of Um Bungo and a pack pork scratchings?

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