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Thursday, 3 March 2011

40 Likes - Final Treatment

1 x 30’ Pilot

Broadcasting yourself has never been easier. I believe audiences require an innovative way to introduce user content and 40 Likes delivers. As web based communities begin to collide with the multi-channel world, 40 Likes endeavours to provide a unique place to present viral visionaries.

Showcasing the best of YouTube from one off shorts by aspiring film makers, to off the wall clips by every day small screen icons, we will be delivering the best-of-net to a lively, 40 strong studio audience, who like YouTube, will be for one night only, our very own subscribers.

40 likes features the latest online morsels in full, prefaced by up and coming Stand-up performer Charlie Meyrick* in his own inimitable presentation. 

Our host will introduce contributors from the web and invite the 40 audience members to pick the cream of the crop during the shows finale.

The episode will be formatted into a series of links, which will be separately broadcasted onto YouTube in the form of playlists:

The pilot show will include:

A sideways look at a compilation of the funniest/strangest/badly spelt comments the tube has to offer.

New Talent
A place for new music to be found and shared liked and disliked. An exciting new band will perform live.

A smorgasbord of quirky clips to enlighten and enrage, brighten or darken your day.

Crowd sourcing
User-based films and shorts from big brands to Indy bands 

Audience Interaction
Opening the floor for the audience, they will rate they’re best clips, like or dislike.

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