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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

As-if I could forget - As-Live

Music/quiz/game show/online

• Pick a set?
• Distraction C4/E4 Presenter led, humiliation comedy
• Boys and Girls C4 Dating format – think live studio street mate
• Fuse and update ideas
• Knightmere CITV virtual reality kids show
• Small talk -> update Mid kent students describe (attempt to) university style questions
• It box (pub quiz machine) challenge audience gathers around the machine like in a pub ( In the style of Games Master mixed with chat like Richard Bacon’s beer and pizza show
• Spoof show, harking back to They think it’s all over parodying Question of sport
• Genius – A pitching show by Dave Gorman, elaborate on a “big pitch”
• Alternative election special/10 o’clock live – satirical TV
• Music --- Back stage/green room gaffs shenanigans like The Tube (C4)

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