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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Based on a fusion of Rude Tube

In a fast-paced review of the video viral revolution, Alex Zane presents a countdown of the 50 funniest, rudest and most bizarre video clips to have taken the internet by storm

And of BFI’s BUG:

With a hint of Are You Dave Gorman?

Showcasing the best of YouTube from one off shorts by aspiring film makers, to off the wall clips by every day small screen icons, 40 likes brings

I envisage the programme to be formatted into a series of links, which will double up as playlist links on YouTube. The pilot show will be separated out into separate topics.

A sideways look at a compilation of the funniest/strangest/badly spelt comments the tube has to offer.

New Talent
A place for new music to be found and shared liked and disliked. Potentially find live bands with a unique interactive spin?

A smorgasbord of quirky clips to enlighten and enrage, brighten or darken your day.

Funny clips. Nuff said

Crowd sourcing
User-based films and shorts from big brands to indy bands

Potential to introduce StumbleUpon (Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests) and do a live stumble of a particular subject

Selected youtube clip creators are in the audience and partake in the show.

Projected onto a backdrop connected to the web, 40 likes aims to be entirely interactive. The audience can ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ videos they watch live.


  1. not sure I see what is different about this to Rude Tube? Is this a live audeince based show - or purely web based? What would the VT elements be (that's not youtube)??

  2. there is a live audience, i want it to be a take on rude tube but the studio audience are more involved. a vt will be the making of a viral video and the maker of it being in the audience and he/she discusses how they made it. I want to put a spotlight on the different side of the web and a more intellagent take on viral videos and film making.