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Monday, 15 March 2010

Potential Project Proposal

We follow 25 year year old as yet unnamed ex-soldier. Originally from Jersey, our protaganist moves with his family to France and he joins the French Foreign Legion but is imprisoned for murder. Cut to the woods were our lead role awakes not knowing weather he was released from prison or if he had escaped. The film follows his path to discovering his guilt or innocence. I'd like to hear your comments!

Similar films/TV etc.
- A prophet, Amelie, Goodbye Lenin
- Prison Break, Bad Boys (Sean Penn), Shawshank Redemption
- Jonny Cash doc. Fulsom Prison
- Fulsom Prison Blues (song), MC Solaar (French rapper)
- C'etait un rendez-vous - short film by Claude Lelouch
- Ninth Gate (Depp)


  1. It sounds longer than 10 minutes!! Very intriguing.... Any spare ideas floating around that I can have!?!? =S..

  2. Grabs me immediately, but I agree that it seems a lot for ten mins. His back story is key, so we need to find that out some how - which is where it could become long. What you want to avoid is the "scooby do" ending, where it's all revealed in one scene at the end. He could be a solider, he could have gone to prison etc - but try and make it so these elements are shown in clues... his uniform, an old photo, something like that, so they are revealed THROUGH ACTION. Think about your end scene, your climax and work back from that.
    A guy waking up at the start of a film is a great hook, but it needs to go somewhere and we need to care about him.
    Remember the idea must be realised within 10mins and you must be able to shoot a trailer for it. I think there an idea here to pursue, so don't give up. IT'S GREAT YOU ARE POSTING YOUR IDEAS AND ASKING FOR COMMENTS. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!

  3. Also, check out "DOWN BY LAW" Jim Jarmucsh and "THE DEFIANT ONES" by Stanley Kramer, both about escaped convicts.