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Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Conversation - In one image

Cinema Redux an art installation by Brendan Dawes -
Cinema Redux explores the idea of distilling a whole film down to one single image. This small piece of software samples a movie every second and generates an 8 x 6 pixel image of the frame at that moment in time. It does this for the entire film, with each row representing one minute of film time.

Appropriately the image here is of FFC's The Conversation.
"The end result is a kind of unique fingerprint for that film. A sort of movie DNA showing the colour hues as well as the rhythm of the editing process"
"[You can see there’s far more edits in Lumet’s classic] compared to the more gentle slower pace of Coppola’s Conversation. This is also down to the editing style of Walter Murch who prefers to only make cuts when absolutely necessary." Says Dawes
An interesting site which I highly recommend you ch-ch-ch-check out