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Friday, 8 June 2012

Been busy with a project for the summer looking to start up a company this summer so I have been plugging away at a business plan since the last day of term! But I have been thinking about Final Major Project. I'd like to follow my passion of Documentary/factual and I'm trying at the moment just to get the ball rolling on some ideas. To start I will think big with no boundries. The next process will be to find the best, yet simple ideas and as Steve Jobs used to do, say no to the good ideas but yes to the one great idea...
- the Modern Novelist: Ben Galley is a self published novelist. He regularly vlogs and blogs and his website links to every social medium available. The father of Eugenics: a story of the man behind the theory of eugenics lived in my village and and freind of mine lives in his old house. I will be looking at finding more ideas and motivate ideas generation through going to libraries in Maidstone, visiting the Kent Messenger and other newspapers, going to universities, sports clubs, I will look into going to the local government building in Maidstone: perhaps they will know an inspirational character or historic moment in history.
Lots to look into but the research part is the best bit! BBC Four have been showing docs recently which have essentially been a montage of showreels and archive from the BBC looking into the UK tourist industry. I have found interesting films online aswell...

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