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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Scripting

Inbetween editing my final rough cut I have been working on the Commentary script for Peter Williams, according to Rabigers 'Directing the Documentary' the script should be
- Double spaced typed script - Set Blocks of narration apart on the page and number them for easy location - Put pages inside plastic wallets to avoid rattling.
The Cockleshell Raid 2012 on this I wrote Timecodes and approx. duration... Had a quick conversation with Hans Petch this morning and he had some great advice in terms of scrtipting a feature length documentary (he has recently worked on a 60 minute BBC 2 doc fronted by Terry Wogan) He suggests:
Breaking the script down to chapters - Intro & 9 x 10 minutes - Write intro & Chapter 1/2 - Do a chapter Summary for 3-9
Here is a rough edit:

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