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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Shoot Day 1

Day one in Brighton, due to unforeseen circumstances it was just me on the shoot today, so this would prove to be my first hurdle.

Having organised my journey in advance, i found out sunset was at 6:23 and aimed to be parked up by 6 on Brighton seafront. Craig met me on a cloudy shingle beach keen and very eager to pass on his knowledge. I had emailed my questions to him a week previsouly so he had time to take in my questions.

One issue I predicted was wind, so I set up the blimp directional mic as well as a radio mic, which neatly tucked into Craigs lifejacket, unfortualty the mic was facing downwind so it did pick up strong gusts but i had covering blimp sound so it hasnt proved a problem so far.

Having now uploaded and logged my footage I have transcribed Craigs interview:

Brighton Kayak Transcript

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