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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Media World: On the Hour

Conmedycentric: Blindly wading through the vast pool of comedy by Will Tippett

This is On The Hour, arise Sir News.

Tonights Main story:

On the hour produced a new breed in British satire taking the original sideways look at, not only the news, but how it is reported.
Originally Broadcast on Radio 4 in 1991, On the Hour preceded and in turn influenced TV shows, The Day Today and Brasseye. Produced by Armando Iannucci combined with a talented writing team of Patrick Marber, Doon Mackichan, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring together On the Hour became a highly influential landmark in British Comedy.
We can thank on the Hour for launching the career of Chris Morris, who sonourously plays a newsreader extraordinaire newscasting wonderfully nonsensical lines such as

Bong. Plastic surgeon arrested with stash of stolen mouths.
Bong. Police chief crushes lizard with whistle.
Bong. Child made of paint wins by-election.
Bong. Crazed wolves in store a bad mistake admits Mothercare
Bong. Fist-headed man destroys church.
Bong. Car drives past window in town.
Bong. Leicester man wins right to eat sister.
Bong. Bank of England recovers from swollen chairman unusualness.
Bong. Simon Rattle lost in cress.
Bong. Lassoed bat wins Booker.
Bong. Fleetwood Mac buried in dog avalanche.
Bong. Old woman killed by little glass planet

All carried out in a freightningly convincing fashion.

Manning the sports desk is the original, young and impressionable Alan Partidge who's legendary interview, questioning Graham Gooch's Gooch is something to behold:

And who can forget one moment etched into the golden tablet of telecasting: Alan's Year of Sport

I'm Will Tippett and this has been my shoddy round up of On The Hour. It's been like all good news programmes: starts off well, but ends up a bit boring.

That's all from me. Good eve-news.

In other news...
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