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Friday, 10 December 2010

Now. I know it's only the first day of the holidays, but I had a brainwave whilst at the pub for our quiz. I thought, for 'as-live' project pitch, why not a 'student wine club' kind of set up... I worked with Olly Smith once (Iron Chef UK, Saturday Kitchen) and he's brilliant! Check out his style!
Anyway, Im freinds with him on Facebook so i decided to email him it kind of somes up what Im thinking at the moment.. here it is

Hi Olly,
I don't know if you remember me, but I was a runner on Saturday Kitchen and I helped out with you guys on a shoot in Sussex? Im studying Broadcast media in Kent and we're making an 'as-live' show to air at the Maidstone Studios in May. I was considering creating a wine club exclusively for students and young people - Im sure your extremely busy but I wandered if you have any thoughts/ideas about it? I really love your enthusiasm and your fresh and exciting way of talking about wine, which inspired me to look into creating a show dedicated to good (affordable!) wine for young adults. Hope you're well and keep up the great work.
All the best,

My house mate Charlie told me about his 'cheap wine club' which was kind of a joke (no wine over £3!) but this got me thinking, there is no wine shows for the younger (poorer) student/professional. I know of a few vine yards around Kent/Sussex/Surrey and I think it would make for great viewing. Perhaps wine nights/taster evening shot in the SU. A clash of cultures - maybe film the boys at maidstone rugby club partaking in a fine wine night? All to be shown as a VT between guests on the live show?!

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