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Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Tim Slice: UCA Farnham Public Lecture 2, Revenge of the Powerpoint

My second public lecture of the term at Farnham this week, this time was the musings of Tim 'Time Slice' MacMillian. His lecture was structured around the past, present and future of 'Array Camera' technology.

Tim studied at Bath Academy of Art and Slade school of Art, he first told us about his inspirations. He named Fox Tolbot's 1835 photograph as influential:

he also mentioned the origin of 'camera array' - Eadweard Muybridge – The Horse In Motion

Mac Millian is also a self confessed 'Picasso Worshipper' and admirer of Cubism he showed us a slide of the iconic Ma Jolie

He learnt about 'Simultaneity' and the work of Chevreul

in 1990 at Slade Tim developed is time slice technology using a circular rig with film inside, unifying Muybridge and his galloping horse with photo sculpture. this is a selection of Tim's work

Tim Macmillan Early Work 1980 - 1994 from Time-Slice® Films on Vimeo.

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